1. Tokenomics

Auto-Burn mechanism that buybacks & burns $MOGE on every transaction (3%).

This icreases the token scarcity over time by reducing supply. The burn feauture is also very positive for the game theory behind $MOGE, incentivizing people to hold their bags long term instead of doing scalping trading and running bots (which are also getting wrecked everyday by the Anti-Bot structure).

2. RoadMap

✔️ Twitter page

✔️ Telegram community

✔️ Token FairLaunch (+160'000% top on first day!)

✔️ Auto-Burn mechanism turns on (10% supply burnt on first day)

✔️ Community incentive start: giveaways, holders prizes and more

✔️ Website launch

✔️ Partnerships with other PulseChain related projects

  • CoinMarketCap listing

  • CoinGecko listing

  • Secret Event ( ? )

  • PulseChain 1 : 2 Airdrop

  • Introducing $xMOGE

  • More coming soon!

3. Verified Audited Code

"Do not trust people, trust code".

$MOGE has been deployed using an audited contract already used and tested (OpenSource), you can check it on BSCscan.

4. Renounced Ownership

Ownership renounced at tx 0x0b676934429cea14f43267f31d696f27f0ac7afadfe60befd632b9769ecedb5e

5. Initial Distribution

Private Sale hasn't been done so we are planning a secret event with that $MOGE bag, stay tuned for it!

6. $MOGE Ecosystem

$MOGE (BEP-20)

$MOGE (PRC-20)

$xMOGE (PRC-20)